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We use over 100 data points to evaluate each click you get to make sure that no spam click is missed from our spam detection technology. Effective spam detection requires us to always be aware of new ways in which fraudsters might commit online ad fraud and stay up-to-date with our machine learning algorithms. Checkout various ways in which our Technology fights spam

Device & Browser Faking

Spammers usually spoof their identity to make it look like real traffic and go unnoticed. We identify such traffic through our expertise in fraudulent traffic pattern recognition

Ad Visibility

Today 50% of Ads are not viewable. Spam Analyst collects multiple signals related to the way a genuine user engages with an ad and the page where ad is being shown. We use these signals to identify traffic where ad wasn’t even visible but still was clicked

Collective Intelligence

Online click fraud has been around for a long time. We believe in deriving benefit from the collective knowledge as much as we can, while we build new sophisticated ways of spam detection. We use external sources along with the insights from our own data

Masked IP Detection

Masking IPs allows users to generate fake impressions and clicks. With the rich data we process every moment, we help you uncover spammers that hide their real IP from you

Bot Traffic Detection

Our presence on hundreds of millions of impressions everyday allow us to identify new automated traffic patterns seen across our partners and help us detect bots better every day

Click Farms Detection

Manual spam clicks from click farms where a large group of low-paid workers are hired just to click on your ads are quite common. Spam Analyst detects these by observing patterns in click data such as time of click, timezone a click came from, among a bunch of other factors

We understand that before you take revenue impacting actions over your traffic sources, you need to be sure that it is the right thing to do. Our feature rich analytics interface allows you to play with data and examine spam activity based on various factors in one go so that you know exactly why a particular traffic source was bad rather than just knowing that spam exists

Actionable Metrics

We provide you with rich metrics on page engagement, performance and volume, besides giving extensive details on all possible types of spam clicks seen so that you can take an informed decision over your data

Pivot Table

Our unique pivot table allows you to analyze data using all possible dimensions and combinations of dimensions you can think of, in one go. This helps you identify exact profile of your spam traffic

Drill Down Views

Drill down views allow you to drill down in a given traffic source to a more granular level so that you know the exact cause of spam activity observed

User Management

Spam Analyst lets you control the information to be shared and the type of actions a user can take on that information

Watchlists & Customized Views

Add sources of your interest to a list for easy monitoring. Additionally, you can save filters and customize what information to see based on your use case

Export Data

We allow you to download a dump of your raw analyzed data that you can further plug into your system

Our single JS tag is easy to integrate on your pages. We allow you to customize the level of data you want us to collect for spam detection so that you don't have to worry about sharing information you don't want to. Our server-side API further let's you integrate all of the data collected by us into your system so that you have full control over it

Raw Data Integration

Our server-side API let’s you integrate all of the data collected by us into your system so that you have full control over it